Raw Nectar

When the word "Honey" is not enough to describe what contains a small and groomed jar! From the very first contact with the product someone receives positive vibes and love, which are present in this little masterpiece. From the wooden box, the labels, the cleanliness, the care, but above all the taste is what determines the diversity of Raw Nectar!

In Raw Nectar we love the stories because they make beautiful our lives by filling it with magic, values ​​and vision but also because a strong history behind a company is making its products great.

                                                     The story behind Raw Nectar!

Beekeeping is something difficult and demanding and I expected to find something in a family tradition and I did not fall out! Children's memories say they are the strongest because then they all look great and big on the innocent children's eyes and from there there are great things!
My Family Tradition, with a unique cluster of island origin, and from a barren line, with beautiful Sparta and with a common denominator, wet gold and beautiful feathered ... girls led to the creation of Raw Nectar.
Raw Nectar Honey tells a story of salty but also earthy perfumes, a story of simplicity and pure Greek hospitality, a story of innocent childhood and carelessness, a story that turns the one who will taste it to an eternal child and turns it to mind but vigorously in the past! Our place, wherever we come from, is full of moral customs, beautiful moments and beautiful scents. Trying Raw Nectar, we are increasingly close to our village, our origins and our favorite tastes. So it can not be a forgotten memory that will wake you up! If not, it will create a new memorable!
Raw Nectar turned me back in time and I felt something I had for many years to feel! Growing up on a barren island of the Cyclades, Iraklia used to see the honeycombs of a friend's grandfather diving my fingers through the honeycombs. I really enjoyed what we call untreated honey. Right from our girls. Later and a little older, I did not want to enjoy the addictive scents from the honey that my uncle was making in his factory. Since then, I had the idea of ​​making my own honey with exactly the same recipe.The recipe I learned from that grandfather. Love, caring and many travels to me and my girls on every corner of Greece. Collecting this honey makes me feel like I felt then. I love this I offer to you.
Raw Nectar is the ticket for your unprofitable childhood.

What a beautiful thing to be able to travel in time with flavors and aromas !!!